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Switch Solver

Switch solver, solves a mini-game called "Puzzle Panic" from a Super Mario 64 DS handheld console game.

It is a variant of the "Light's Out" game. The objective is to match a specified pattern by flipping the state of various squares within a certain number of moves. Here is a video of the game being played.

It currently has no interface at all, and input has to be provided by manipulating an array of booleans, and then recompiling the modified program. I did not require a more efficient interface since the game was not timed. I will try to find time to improve upon that


A brief overview of 'Switch Solver'


  • Java

Original Team (Role)

  • Basil Dsouza (All Hands)


  • Started in: January 2006
  • 1 Day


  • Sources - Comming Soon
  • Binaries - Comming Soon
  • Documentation - Comming Soon


Please keep in mind that most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. So using the code for any production system would not be recommended.