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Daily Log Tools

Daily log tools are a set of programs that help with maintaining a various details about your day in an xml diary of sorts.

I was interested in this idea by the concept of "Captian's Log" from Star Trek. (Yes, i know it is terribly geeky). So i started writing things that happened during the day.

Eventually, I felt the need for a structure to write the data in so that it would searchable. The structure went through several iterations of formats till I settled on an xml format that worked.

These log tools were written because it is a troublesome and error prone to write the xml manually. Currently, the only thing this tool does is to ask for the respective inputs and then write it out to xml. I plan to add more tools like, charting (to display trends, etc) and a search function to search each of the fields.


A brief overview of 'Daily Log Tools'


  • Java
  • Swing
  • JAXB

Original Team (Role)

  • Basil Dsouza (All Hands)


  • Started in: April 2008
  • 1 Week


  • Sources - Comming Soon
  • Binaries - Comming Soon
  • Documentation - Comming Soon


Please keep in mind that most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. So using the code for any production system would not be recommended.