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Alors - Binaries

Currently there are 2 different versions of Alors available.

  1. The Latest build of Alors: (zip, tar)

    This version has been almost completely overhauled. Except for the core idea (which for a chat client, can only be thought of in so few ways), the rest of the program has been rewritten from scratch.

    The UI has been done up, and is significantly more user friendly, especially for multiple simultanous chat windows. And also the individual chat windows have been done up to make it more ergonomic to work with. And also the port on which messages are sent and received can be changed without recompiling or restarting the program.

    This needs java 1.6 to function correctly, though I am working on a way to get it to work with 1.5 as well.


  2. The Original Alors

    This was the original Alors that I made when still in college. It shows my lack of UI design principles at that time. It still works, Though i donot think that it would work with the current version of Alors.

If you want to link to this software, please link to the pervious page, or atleast this page. Please donot directly link to the file.


Please keep in mind that most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. So using the code for any production system would not be recommended.