Basil D'Souza

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My Amateur Projects

Listed in this section are projects that I have worked while I was in college, and (offlate) whenever I get some free time.

I intend to make the sources and binaries available under an open source liscense (GPL / LGPL). However, most of the projects do not have a proper build process, so there might be trouble compiling them on a fresh machine. They will be released after converting them to a netbeans based ant project.


Most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. Thus using the code in a production enviroment, or any critical system would not be recommended. Also, the mandatory, "WITHOUT WARRANTY", "NO LIABILITY", etc, etc. clauses do apply here.

These projects are well suited to being used as seeds for college/amateur projects that you might want to undertake. If you decide to use this for something, I would appreciate it if you dropped me a mail letting me know what you are doing with the project.

List of projects

The list of projects in this section:

Tank Arena X
A 2D game engine that is entirely configurable via text files and is playable by a single or multiple players.
Robot Simulator
A Java program that can simulate the behaviour of any PIC controlled, differentially steered, robot.
Neural Network
An implementation of an artificial neural network. Can simulate various forms of non-recursive networks.
A simple UDP based chat client. Can support point to point chatting between multiple participants.
Ragnarok Database
A simple database driven web application that displays information about monsters, players and guilds from the ragnarok online game.
Dark Throne Automator
An application that helps automate various tasks on the DarkThrone online game.
Daily Log Tools
A simple set of tools to help in maintaing a daily log (diary).
Text Untwist
A program to unscramble words in "Text Twist" and automatically enter the words into the game as well.
Switch Solver
A program to solve a variant of the "Light's Out" game.
XPath Client
A program that presents a interactive command line to query XML documents using XPath.
CG Programs
A collection of interesting CG programs written during the 6th semester of my engineering course.