Basil D'Souza

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My Projects

Listed in this section, are the various projects that I have worked on, or am working on. Most of my projects are in software and more specifically in java, however there are a few projects where I experimented with hardware as well.

I intend to release most of my projects with an open source license, and I will begin hosting them soon. But for now, all you will find are project descriptions and perhaps some documentation.

A few projects I would recommend having a look at:

Since there are quite a few projects, and I only get to work on the site for an hour or so, per week. It might be a while before all of the content is properly hosted.

Project Categories

I have listed the projects under 3 major categories:

Professional Projects
These are projects I've worked on as part of my day job.

You would find descriptions of the projects here, but not much detail or source code.
(Unless I have recieved permission to share it)
Amateur Projects
These are projects that I've worked on in my free time, or while in college.

The binaries as well as the source code should be available for most of them.
Hardware Projects
These are also amateur projects, but also involve working with some electronics/hardware.