Basil D'Souza

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My Blog

"Life, the universe and whatever i come across"

Sometime in 2006 I had started a blog, and had planned to write about non-technical topics. However, I never did come about to posting in that. And in the year that it has been up, there have been just 2 posts.

Initially it was just due to a lack of topics, then I had a stream of ideas that I wanted to post about. But I never got the time to actually draft them. Which was discouraging and led me toputting my blogging aspirations on the backburner.

I will attempt to return to my blog when time permits, so check back later.

Creative Writing

Here, I plan to list out all of the non-technical things I have written. A few poems, maybe an essay, whatever i can find from my old notes.

Technical Guides and Articles

I believe that almost everything you need to complete a software project can be found on google. However, there are some topics that are just not present. No matter how hard you search. In such cases the only alternative one is left with, is to piece together information from various sources, or read entire specifications or find out by trial and error.

Whenever I have come across such situations, I normally write notes regarding how I solved those issues. I plan to put them togther in a usable way and host them here as technical articles.